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Hogwarts Radio is a general entertainment HARRY POTTER podcast dedicated to discussing all things about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world! Tune in each episode to hear passionate fans just like you discuss the latest developments on the new 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' film series, and SO MUCH MORE!
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Sep 16, 2018
  • Join Terrance, Bailey, Luke, and Gretchen for episode 213, in which we finally finish our Marauders series with part 2 of Remus Lupin!
  • Luke listened to “Huffleriot” by Tonks and the Aurors this week. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on what he should listen to next week! Check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along!
  • In the news: New behind-the-scenes audiobook about Crimes of Grindelwald, no Celebration of Harry Potter 2019, 100,000 new Cursed Child tickets to be released, and Evanna Lynch to join Dancing with the Stars.
  • Announcements: Join our social media team!
  • Part 2 of our Remus Lupin discussion is here. What was the end of Lupin’s life like? Is werewolf-ness hereditary? Is Teddy Lupin actually Jyn Erso? Just how much do we love Remus Lupin?
  • The hosts play a rousing round of questions only.
  • That’s it for 213, join us next week for episode 214 when we begin our discussion on Dumbledore’s Army with Neville!
Sep 9, 2018


  • Episode 212 is here! Join Terrance, Luke, Bailey, and Gretchen as they discuss Remus Lupin, the last of the four in our Marauders series!
  • J.K. Rowling shared the five things that would summon her, and the hosts (plus Smarmy Lukehart) share their things. What would summon you? Tweet us at @HogwartsRadio!  
  • In Wrock, Harry and the Potters was interviewed by Rolling Stone! Read it here:
  • Luke listened to the 2018 Wizard Rock Sampler this week. You can check it out here: Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on what he should listen to next week! Check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along!
  • In the news: Pottery Barn released a Harry Potter collection, the Melbourne “Cursed Child” cast was announced, Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law appeared at Platform 9 ¾, and the “Crimes of Grindelwald” Funko Pops were revealed! Yumbledore!!
  • Announcements: Episode 214 will not be livestreamed to patrons, and thank you to those who rate and review across platforms!
  • Part 1 of our final Marauder-- Remus Lupin. How was he turned into a werewolf? What were his parents’ names? Exactly how much do we love him?
  • We end with a round of the questions only game.
  • Stay classy, Hogwarts Radio, and we’ll see you next week for episode 213!
Sep 2, 2018
  • Join us for episode 211, the third and final part of our discussion on Sirius Black!
  • Happy September 1st! How was everyone’s trip back to Hogwarts?
  • In the news: Several media outlets visited the “Crimes of Grindelwald” set, celebrate Back to Hogwarts at the Wizarding World, and for two weeks you can access the “Sorcerer’s Stone” e-book through your library!
  • Check out two cool MuggleNet articles for the 20th anniversary of “Sorcerer’s Stone”: “‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’: What Was the News 20 Years Ago?” by Gretchen, and “‘Harry Potter’: From Book Series to Global Brand” by Lucy.
  • Announcements: We are two patrons away from our first goal! Check out the perks at!
  • We discuss the life and death of Sirius Black. Was Sirius on a suicide mission the night of James and Lily’s deaths? Was he a dog for 12 years in Azkaban? What exactly happened to Kreacher the House-Elf?
  • Luke brought up a cool video about the veil. Check it out:
  • The hosts play Questions Only again, with a new winner!
  • Thanks for listening to episode 211; join us next week for episode 212!
Aug 26, 2018
  • Episode 210 is here! Join Terrance, Bailey, Luke, and Gretchen as they discuss Potter reunions, Sirius Black, and more!
  • Bailey found mystery wands at Walmart. Have you seen them? Did you get one?
  • Luke listened to The Whomping Willows “1975” this week. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on what he should listen to next week! Check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along!
  • Tom Felton tried to convert Matt Lewis to Slytherin and it was wonderful. Bonnie Wright, Katie Leung, and Afshan Azad reunite for Afshan’s wedding!
  • Rate and review the podcast on iTunes. Your support goes a long way to letting other Harry Potter fans know about the show! Check out our Patreon for exclusive content!
  • We share listener reactions to Sirius Black. Tweet us your thoughts at @HogwartsRadio.
  • We discuss Sirius Black’s relationships. What was his relationship with Lupin? Did he have a good relationship with Harry? What’s up with his wisdom about seeing how a man treats his inferiors when he treats Kreacher terribly?
  • The hosts play Questions Only and Celebrity Sorting Hat.
  • That does it for episode 210! Join us next time for episode 211!
Aug 12, 2018
  • Episode 208 is here! Join Terrance, Bailey, Gretchen, and Kelsey as they discuss the Fantastic Beasts news and the life and death of James Potter.
  • The hosts catch up after a week off. Gretchen did Harry Potter Yoga at Gen Con, which sounds amazing.
  • We have pictures of the baby Nifflers! The panel is split on their cuteness. What do you think?
  • Luke stops by with his review of Lauren Fairweather’s (@LaurenFairWX) “The Prince’s Tale” album. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on whIch Wizard Rock Album or artist Luke should listen to next week and check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along each week and send us your thoughts!
  • In the news: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is getting a Dark Arts experience, Cinemark Theatres is hosting a Potter movie marathon, Funko is releasing posable figures, and we learn a little more about the Globus Mundi mystery.
  • The Marauders series continues with a discussion of James Potter. Do you love him or hate him? What was his best quality, really? Were those actually his parents’ names?
  • The show wraps up with a game of Would You Rather.
  • Join us next week for episode 209!  
Aug 1, 2018
  • Thank you for ten years of magic! The Hogwarts Radio hosts celebrate the anniversary with a special episode.
  • Wrock Update: Luke listens to Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls’ “End of an Era” EP. Remember this song?
  • Follow Luke’s Wrock playlist here, and tweet @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio with #WROCKList to make a suggestion on his next listen:
  • In the news, the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit will teach you coding through wizarding world challenges! It is the first Harry Potter STEM product.
  • Announcements: Thank you for joining our Hogwarts Radio Weekend! Rate and review the show on iTunes. Our second Hog’s Head Radio is out now! Terrance will be at LeakyCon on August 10th as part of the “Potter Podcasts in 2018” panel. Gretchen will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 2nd through 5th; tweet @GretchaSketcha to meet up!
  • Our main discussion: 10 Years of Hogwarts Radio. How did Terrance pull this off? What is it about Harry Potter that he finds so inspiring? How does it feel to spend 10 years on something?
  • Eric and Terrance reminisce about Hotel Room Quidditch. Rules found here!
  • We listen to some amazing voicemails from listeners, former hosts, and other Potter Podcasters.
  • Would You Rather wraps up this special episode.
  • Thank you for ten years of magic! Follow us @HogwartsRadio on social media, and follow our wonderful hosts.
    • Terrance: @Terranceus on Twitter and Instagram
    • Eric: @ericjscull on Instagram, @spielerman on Twitter
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    • Luke: @thepodcastthat, @notnamedpodcast, @nomugglespod, @knowanddrink, @floatsdownhere, @lukaferocious.
Jul 29, 2018
  • Episode 206 is here, and we are joined by Tessa and Brizzy from Fantastic Geeks!
  • What non-central character life would we want to read about? (Tessa is “Marauders Trash.”)
  • Trailer update! What’s up with the Deathly Hallows? How did Jacob get his memory back? What’s the name of the Chinese beast (and good luck to us on pronouncing it)? How many flashbacks will there be in the movie? What do we think of Johnny Depp?
  • Brizzy recommended Dumbledore and Grindelwald fan movie; we want charming Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts:
  • Announcements: Thank you for joining our Hogwarts Radio Weekend! Rate and review the show on iTunes. Our next Hog’s Head Radio will be out by the end of July! Terrance will be at LeakyCon on August 10th as part of the “Potter Podcasts in 2018” panel. Gretchen will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 2nd through 5th; tweet @GretchaSketcha to meet up!
  • Lots of exciting news this week!
  • Crimes of Grindelwald interviews: Leta Lestrange “isn’t who we think she is,” Alison Sudol can’t talk about Queenie, and Jude Law and David Heyman discuss Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
  • “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” cover revealed. More details on the new Wizarding World Orlando ride. New Universal Orlando park? The largest Harry Potter Lego set ever has been announced!
  • A fun game of Would You Rather wraps up this awesome episode. See you all for episode 207, which celebrates our TENTH YEAR of Hogwarts Radio!
  • Find our hosts on the interwebs:
    • Fantastic Geeks: @FantasticGeeks on Twitter
    • Tessa: @tessanetting on Twitter and Instagram
    • Brizzy: @BrizzyVoices on Twitter and Instagram
    • Terrance: @Terranceus on Twitter and Instagram
    • Bailey: @RiddleWrites on Twitter, @RiddlesReviews on Instagram
    • Gretchen: @gretchasketcha on Twitter and Instagram
Jul 22, 2018

The all new Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is here and so are we! Hogwarts Radio back in the studio to break it all down. Join us as we go scene by scene, frame by frame to discuss everything!

We see more Grindelwald, more Dumbledore, and MORE BEASTS! It’s a jam packed episode. Don’t miss this latest edition of Hogwarts Radio! 

Jul 22, 2018

A re-release of our discussion on the FIRST Crimes of Grindelwald trailer! 

This episode  was released on March 13th, 2018 and featured hosts Terrance Pinkston and Bailey Riddle with special guests Megan and Katie Petras. 

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald teaser trailer was released just this morning, and we're here to break it all down for you!
  • Why is the Ministry of Magic looking for Newt?
  • Dumbledore is looking pretty good for someone in his 60's!
  • It's refreshing to see Hogwarts again. Our nostalgia kicks in.
  • New locations, new beasts, and other familiar faces
  • Fun theories surround "The Secret Circus"
  • Could this just be a freak show?
  • Some amazing never before seen magic including some Earth shattering spells!
Jul 20, 2018
  • Episode 204 is here with the latest in Fantastic Beasts news, a breakdown of Peter Pettigrew, and more, brought to you by Patreon producer Sydney!
  • Terrance likes the Half Blood Prince movie now. Yay Terrance!
  • Saturday 7/21 is the Fantastic Beasts panel at San Diego Comic Con. We ARE expecting a trailer! If it drops to the public, we will release a special trailer reactions episode.
  • This week in Wrock, Luke listened to Ministry of Magic’s Magic is Might. Tweet @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio with #WROCKList for suggestions on what Wizard Rock album Luke should listen to next, and check out the Spotify playlist to listen along!
  • This week in Potter History: MuggleNet’s Emerson Spartz and The Leaky Cauldron’s Melissa Anelli met with J.K. Rowling for an exclusive interview following the release of Half Blood Prince on July 16, 2005.
  • In the news: J.K. nominated for an alternative Nobel Prize (vote for her here:, new items at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood (join our Patreon so we can buy $375 Hermione Yule Ball gowns), new Fantastic Beasts photos (young Newt, ahh!), and Jude Law breaks his silence on Dumbledore (he’s NOT the Transfiguration teacher??).
  • Announcements: Thank you to those who have supported us on Patreon! Don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes. The About Us page of has been updated with a complete hosts Wall of Fame. The second Hog’s Head Radio will be released later this month! Terrance will be at LeakyCon 2018 as part of the Keeping It Fresh: Potter Podcasts in 2018.
  • This week we begin our series on the Marauders with an in-depth discussion on Peter Pettigrew. Was he meant to be in Gryffindor? Why did he become a Death Eater? How did he live as a rat for 12 years without going crazy? WHY didn’t Fred and George see him on the Marauder’s Map??
  • Smarmy Lukehart receives a letter from “Secretly in Love.” Send your letters in to to have Smarmy Lukehart help you on air.
  • Smells of Hogwarts returns! Thank you Jessica Bray for this wonderful series!
  • The hosts have some fun with a game of Would You Rather.

See you next week for episode 205, if we don’t see you earlier for a Crimes of Grindelwald trailer reactions episode!

Jul 15, 2018
  • Mike from Potterless Podcast joins us! Mike is reading the books for the first time as he records his show. How has he stayed unspoiled? What’s his biggest WTF moment in the books so far? Who’s his favorite character?
  • Luke will be back with a Wrock update next week! Check out his Spotify playlist to see what he’s listening to this week.
  • In the news: HPEF is shutting down after 16 years, Target is celebrating Back to Hogwarts on July 21st, and Primark releases a new Honeydukes line.
  • Don’t forget to check out our Patreon at Right now you will have access to awesome exclusives, like our very first Hog’s Head Radio episode, which is like nothing you’ve ever heard!
  • Who won the debate from episode 202- did Harry deserve to be punished by Umbridge?
  • Owl Posts inquire about the Imperius curse and why exactly Voldemort chose Draco as Dumbledore’s would-be killer.
  • We choose the best and worst teachers at Hogwarts, and some answers might surprise you (anyone remember Professor Vector?).
  • This or That becomes Would You Rather, delving into Care of Magical Creatures and the prime time for reading the Potter books.
  • Amortentia, Avada Kedavra, Imperio returns.
  • Don’t forget about our new segment, DEAR SMARMY LUKEHART. Send your letters to and Smarmy Lukehart will answer all your problems on air.
  • Be sure to check out our hosts on the internets!
    • Mike: @PotterlessPod on Twitter, @PotterlessPodcast on Instagram
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    • Kelsey: @kelseeyouagain on Twitter
    • Luke: @thepodcastthat, @notnamedpodcast, @nomugglespod, @knowanddrink, @floatsdownhere, @lukaferocious
  • Tune in next week for episode 204, and head over to Patreon now for the first episode of Hog’s Head Radio!
Jul 8, 2018
  • Episode 202 is here! Get ready for some new segments and awesome announcements!
  • Would you read a stand-alone Voldemort book? Been there, done that, or exciting new information?
  • Luke’s Wrock introduction continues with a listen to Harry and the Potters self-titled album from 2003. Check out our Hogwarts Radio Wrock Playlist and let us know what Luke should listen to next week!
  • In the news: Mattel is releasing Harry Potter dolls, a woman made over £56,000 by selling her first edition, Hogwarts Mystery has made $40 million, CoS House editions are released, and Cursed Child is headed to Germany!
  • Today’s episode brought to you by Patreon producer Tammy! Head over to to become a producer and see the other cool stuff we have.
  • Also in Patreon news, this week we released the FIRST episode of our new Hog’s Head Radio. Exclusive to Patrons, our Hog’s Head Radio is a casual and fun chat with the hosts discussing otherwise unheard topics as we enjoy a drink in the Hog’s Head Pub. This week: What was your favorite theory to consider while the books were still being released?
  • Our main discussion: Did Harry deserved to be punished by Umbridge? It’s Terrance and Gretchen versus Bailey and Luke. Let us know who you think won by tweeting @HogwartsRadio! Your votes will decide!
  • This or That returns with some very scary choices.
  • Our new segment, DEAR SMARMY LUKEHART, begins! Send us your letters to and Smarmy Lukehart will answer all your problems on air.
  • Be sure to check out our hosts on the internets!
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    • Gretchen: @gretchasketcha on Twitter and Instagram
  • Tune in next week for episode 203, and head over to Patreon now for the first episode of Hog’s Head Radio!
Jul 1, 2018
  • And then there were 6. 
  • The panels from TPTMNBN and TPTDAKT join us! 
  • Luke re-discovers Wizard Rock and provides us with a his thoughts on the first Draco and The Malfoys album
  • Check out Likes Hogwarts Radio WROCK Spotify playlist each week to listen along and send us your thoughts?
  • How many deaths were there in the Harry Potter series?
  • The FB twitter account has been active as of late, does this mean there is a trailer around the corner?
  • MORE Lego sets revealed
  • Cursed Child making it's way to the west coast, and... AUSTRALIA! 
  • Do we want a movie for Beedle the Bard?
  • How would it work as an animation?
  • Is George Weasley secretly Willy Wonka?
  • Melissa blows our theory out of the water!
  • This or That highlights some painful ways of wizarding torture
Jun 24, 2018
  • We present to you, the 200th edition of our Harry Potter podcast!
  • How many of you knew there was an architect of Hogwarts?
  • We have NEW ALBUM ART! 
  • Special thank you and shout-out to Lucas Rosen for the design!
  • The BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT in the history of our podcast: Hogwarts Radio is now on Patreon!
  • What are the benefits and how can you unlock them?
  • Special guest Heidi Tandy joins us to discuss Warner Bros. sending cease and desist letters to Harry Potter fan festivals
  • How are these festivals encroaching on trademark?
  • What is fair use?
  • Is Warner Bros overreaching?
  • 15 years since OOtP hit bookstores! We relive some of our experiences of the midnight releases.
  • It's also been 8 years since the WWoHP theme park opened, we share some opening day experiences
  • Did Snape really die? A fan theory blows the text wide open!
  • Smells of Hogwarts series Part 1
  • A very special voicemail from a very special person...
  • This or That wraps up the show
  • BONUS HOGWARTS RADIO over on Patreon right now!
Jun 17, 2018
  • We're back for Episode 199 of our FANTASTIC Harry Potter podcast!
  • Kelsey Cooper guest hosts with us this week.
  • Pottermore releases a new feature titled: "Things you might not have known about Draco Malfoy"
  • The Malfoy's were connected to MUGGLE Royalty! King William I was responsible for giving the Malfoy ancestors their manor! 
  • Unconventional heroes of the Wizarding World
  • How does Newt's journey differ from Harry's?
  • Cursed Child wins big at the Tony's. We'll tell ya all about it!
  • The Lupin Paradox with the Marauders Map.
  • Random Potter Fact, and an inspirational quote from J.K. Rowling wraps up this chapter of Hogwarts Radio! 
  • BLOOPERS make their return at the end of the episode!
Jun 10, 2018
  • Tylor Starr from the Protego Foundation and Chickpeeps podcast joins the panel this week!
  • What current campaigns is The Protego Foundation running?
  • Sign the petition for Vegan Butterbeer!
  • What does Hogwarts smell like?
  • We go over the different common rooms and popular classrooms
  • The hosts agree, the prefect’s bathroom smells like LUSH exploded.
  • Updates to the Forbidden Journey ride in Orlando and Universal leaks a new experience coming this summer.
  • Sean Mendes reveals he is a HUGE Harry Potter fan on Carpool Karaoke
  • Daniel Radcliffe returns to Broadway this fall!
  • Is the power of the resurrection stone real?
  • When Dumbledore was wearing Tom Riddle’s ring, could he see his deceased family?
Jun 3, 2018
  • Congratulations to Matthew Lewis and Angela Jones on getting married this past weekend! 
  • Screenplay cover art for Crimes of Grindelwald released! 
  • We break down all the symbols and what they all mean!
  • The design is so symmetrical! Is this significant to the plot of the movie?
  • Behind the Scenes of Fantastic Beasts: The Blind Pig
  • Speakeasy goblins, now we've seen it all! 
  • J.K. Rowling updates her site and confirms she's working on Fantastic Beasts 3!
  • Was Tom Riddle ever able to cast a patronus?
  • You're given the ability to do magic for a day, what do you do?
May 28, 2018
  • TADA! We're here for another week of FANTASTIC Harry Potter podcasting!
  • Kim and Felicia from the Harry Potter Revisited podcast join us this week. 
  • Is there a Miss Wizarding World contest? What could contestants be judged on?
  • Universal Studios Japan launches a new night parade complete with a Harry Potter feature.
  • WWoHP gets in on the Summer fun with an all new experience including new food dishes, wizarding world apparel, and light show on the castle itself!
  • Harry Potter returns to cable TV this Summer. 
  • We break down Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration.
  • Would you trust Hagrid with your life?
  • Avada Kedavra, Amortentia, Imperio makes its return along with THIS or THAT!
May 20, 2018
  • The Hogwarts Radio crew assembles and feels nostalgic for the WWoHP theme park.
  • What are some of our favorite things to do there?
  • What is the first thing we do when we enter the park?
  • New Potter Funko Pops! Are coming this summer!
  • We get images of the new Lego Potter sets as well. Which one do we like the best?
  • What moment from the series do we wish we could relive again?
  • What makes for a powerful witch or wizard?
  • And we answer the ultimate question, Books or Potter boys.
May 13, 2018
Apr 29, 2018
  • There and back again, a Hogwarts Radio tale, jk... Rowling.
  • Speaking of Jo, she's been hanging out with Ilvermony Professors in NYC.
  • Verne Troyer passes away at age 49. We are incredibly saddened by this news.
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is released and now we don't have money or a social life... or life... thanks.
  • What are some of our favorite gameplay moments?
  • Any frustrations so far?
  • The premise of the game is the same even though we might take different paths to reach the same conclusion.
  • Voicemails return!
  • New 'Crimes of Grindelwald' footage shown at Cinemacon. 
  • Could Dumbledore be teaching a DADA club?
  • Young Newt is revealed.
  • What's the Point of Using Broomsticks when you can just Apparate to your Desired Location?
  • Is the Hogwarts Express only used as a student bonding experience?
  • Which house would we place Jessica Williams in? 
  • Our guest this week is Marissa Osman and she has HARRY POTTER SCENTED CANDLES! 
Apr 22, 2018
  • Hogwarts Radio hosts, ASSEMBLE!
  • Goblet of Fire illustrated edition is pushed to Fall 2019 and we're not even mad.
  • Cursed Child officially opens TODAY in NYC.
  • Emma Watson reunites with Matt Dave Lewis and Tom Felton. It's all smiles and our hearts are warm!
  • Terrance gets a response from J.K. Rowling on Twitter and we discuss speaking up against online trolls!
  • We are looking for another permanent host to the show!
  • Which character/story/place remained underdeveloped that you wish featured more in the books?
  • Our minds are blown with the mention and NAMES of the other Wizarding Schools!
  • Of course we want to know more about the Department of Mysteries! Who doesn't?
  • Wandlore was another huge thing we didn't learn a lot about.
  • Walt Disney is a Hufflepuff!
Apr 15, 2018
  • We kick off this week’s episode Introducing Gretchen Roesch as a permanent addition to our family!

  • NEW Scholastic covers for the 20th anniversary!

  • We have an unauthorized preview of the Hogwarts Mystery game! 

  • Is the gameplay what Potter fans wanted?

  • Hidden gems and Easter Eggs galore! 

  • Why was there such a weak lock on the third floor corridor?

  • Which scene in the series affected us the most?

  • Some really WTF names for books in the Wizarding World

  • Which house would ‘The Rock’ be in?

Apr 1, 2018

Coming up on this week’s episode wow what a great panel! We’re  in studio with Luke Hogan from The Podcast That network, and Kim Fritz from Harry Potter Revisited. There’s a lot happening with Harry Potter and the cursed Child in NYC, we’ll talk about their amazing first week. Also, we’ll dive into how Narcissa was able to lie to Voldemort in Deathly Hallows without him noticing. What if Harry Potter was sorted into Slytherin, and some of the worst jobs in the wizarding world. It’s all coming up next on Hogwarts Radio 190.

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