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Hogwarts Radio is a general entertainment HARRY POTTER podcast dedicated to discussing all things about J.K. Rowling's wizarding world! Tune in each episode to hear passionate fans just like you discuss the latest developments on the new 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' film series, and SO MUCH MORE!
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Aug 26, 2018
  • Episode 210 is here! Join Terrance, Bailey, Luke, and Gretchen as they discuss Potter reunions, Sirius Black, and more!
  • Bailey found mystery wands at Walmart. Have you seen them? Did you get one?
  • Luke listened to The Whomping Willows “1975” this week. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on what he should listen to next week! Check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along!
  • Tom Felton tried to convert Matt Lewis to Slytherin and it was wonderful. Bonnie Wright, Katie Leung, and Afshan Azad reunite for Afshan’s wedding!
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  • We share listener reactions to Sirius Black. Tweet us your thoughts at @HogwartsRadio.
  • We discuss Sirius Black’s relationships. What was his relationship with Lupin? Did he have a good relationship with Harry? What’s up with his wisdom about seeing how a man treats his inferiors when he treats Kreacher terribly?
  • The hosts play Questions Only and Celebrity Sorting Hat.
  • That does it for episode 210! Join us next time for episode 211!
Aug 12, 2018
  • Episode 208 is here! Join Terrance, Bailey, Gretchen, and Kelsey as they discuss the Fantastic Beasts news and the life and death of James Potter.
  • The hosts catch up after a week off. Gretchen did Harry Potter Yoga at Gen Con, which sounds amazing.
  • We have pictures of the baby Nifflers! The panel is split on their cuteness. What do you think?
  • Luke stops by with his review of Lauren Fairweather’s (@LaurenFairWX) “The Prince’s Tale” album. Send your Wizard Rock Recommendations to @Lukaferocious and @HogwartsRadio on Twitter with #WROCKList for suggestions on whIch Wizard Rock Album or artist Luke should listen to next week and check out Luke’s ‘Hogwarts Radio WROCK’ Spotify Playlist each week to listen along each week and send us your thoughts!
  • In the news: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is getting a Dark Arts experience, Cinemark Theatres is hosting a Potter movie marathon, Funko is releasing posable figures, and we learn a little more about the Globus Mundi mystery.
  • The Marauders series continues with a discussion of James Potter. Do you love him or hate him? What was his best quality, really? Were those actually his parents’ names?
  • The show wraps up with a game of Would You Rather.
  • Join us next week for episode 209!  
Aug 1, 2018
  • Thank you for ten years of magic! The Hogwarts Radio hosts celebrate the anniversary with a special episode.
  • Wrock Update: Luke listens to Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls’ “End of an Era” EP. Remember this song?
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  • In the news, the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit will teach you coding through wizarding world challenges! It is the first Harry Potter STEM product.
  • Announcements: Thank you for joining our Hogwarts Radio Weekend! Rate and review the show on iTunes. Our second Hog’s Head Radio is out now! Terrance will be at LeakyCon on August 10th as part of the “Potter Podcasts in 2018” panel. Gretchen will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis August 2nd through 5th; tweet @GretchaSketcha to meet up!
  • Our main discussion: 10 Years of Hogwarts Radio. How did Terrance pull this off? What is it about Harry Potter that he finds so inspiring? How does it feel to spend 10 years on something?
  • Eric and Terrance reminisce about Hotel Room Quidditch. Rules found here!
  • We listen to some amazing voicemails from listeners, former hosts, and other Potter Podcasters.
  • Would You Rather wraps up this special episode.
  • Thank you for ten years of magic! Follow us @HogwartsRadio on social media, and follow our wonderful hosts.
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